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    tiler in Gosford using spirit level to position tiling

    Residential and Commercial Wall and Floor Tiler

    Quality tiling for indoor and outdoor areas in residential and commercial properties on the Central Coast of NSW. 

    Wall and floor tiler for bathroom, kitchen, laundry, patios, alfresco areas, balcony, swimming pool surrounds and more. 

    Got a commercial property that you need a tiler for? We can help you with that. We work with cafes, restaurants, office buildings, health care centres, salons and more. 

    large minimalist tile bathroom in Gosford

    Experienced Renovation Tiler

    Renovating? You need a reliable tiler on your team. 

    Get the job done to a high standard the first time round. Our team regularly works with other trades to complete renovation projects. 

    Bathroom and kitchen renovations bring incredible value to a property and they can range from simple aesthetic renovations that include tile resurfacing, all the way through to tile removal and replacement to suit the renovated interior of your home. 

    Our renovation tiling services are versatile and affordable. 

    Our Central Coast Tiling Services 


    Quality Wall and Floor Tiler

    Our tilers work on a variety of surfaces, any wall and floor tiling that needs to be done, we can do it. 

    We are skilled in many types of tiling, if you are looking for a mosaic tiler, you've found your team. 

    We work with stone, marble, ceramic, mosaic and more. 


    Other Tiling Services

    Do you require other tiling services? Our team offers tile removal, repair, resurfacing, grouting, cleaning and more. 


    Renovation Tiler

    Renovations require a multitude of tradespeople. We often work with other trades to achieve an incredible end result. 

    Our team is experienced in preparation of the area for tiling including tile removal, screeding, waterproofing and of course the tilling itself. 


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    Quality Work, Built To Last – Central Coast Tiler

    modern mosaic bathroom tiler in Bendigo

    High Quality Wall and Floor Tiler

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    Bathroom Tiler

    One of the most bang for your buck areas to renovate in a house: your bathroom.

    We offer wall and floor bathroom tiling for residential and commercial properties on the Central Coast of NSW.

    Bathroom tiling is only as good as the surface prepapration. It is vital to get it right the first time: screeding and waterproofing are the foundations for durable tiling.

    Our team of bathroom tilers will transform your bathroom from ordinary to incredible with your choice of tile: mosaic, ceramic, stone, you name it.

    Kitchen Tiler

    The right kitchen tiling transforms a kitchen from drab to stunning. 

    Our kitchen tiling service includes wall and floor tiling, splash back tiling and even mosaic tile feature walls to add a touch of flair to the heart of the home. 

    Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and textures, popular for their stylistic versatility, you will have your pick of colours, shades, sizes, textures and shapes. If you need help choosing an appropriate tile, get in touch with us today and we can give you some guidance as to what we think will lead. tothe best outcome. 

    Outdoor Tiler

    Looking for an outdoor area tiler? Skilled and experienced in indoor AND outdoor tiling, we are the team. foryou if you are in the hunt for:

    • balcony tiler
    • alfresco tiler
    • patio tiler
    • swimming pool tilers
    • porch tiler
    • outdoor laundry area tiling

    Commercial Tiler

    Got a commercial space that needs some tiling done? 

    Whether it’s starting from scratch in a new build or fit out, or renovating an existing business or office, we offer commercial tiling on the Central Coast. 

    Floor and wall tiling, bathrooms, kitchens, lobby, conference rooms, function rooms, accommodation, you name it, we can do it. 

    We specialise in residential tiling as our bread and butter but we are skilled and experienced in commercial tiling too. Ask us about how we can help get your project underway and completed to your desired finish. 

    Mosaic Tiler

    Looking for a mosaic tiler on the Central Coast? 

    Mosaic tiling is an art form. Requiring precision, skill in technique and high quality materials, our team is confident tht we can achieve your desired look. 

    Built to last. Our tiling is done with longevity in mind, which means that our clients get the most out of their investment into their renovations or feature walls. 

    The mosaic style has a long history, mosaic is an art form where a surface is decorated using many small individual pieces to create a pattern or image. Popular in bathrooms, including showers and sinks, kitchens, splashbacks, and feaure walls in homes and commercial spaces. Because of the variety of stone and ceramic aesthetic options, there is virtually an unlimited range of mosaic looks to choose from. 

    The cost. ofmosaic tiles themselves is higher than standard glazed ceramic tiles, this is because the process to make them is more intricate and involves more materials and labour. If you are working with glass mosaic tiles, the price will be even higher. 

    Nonetheless, mosaic tiles are a stunning addition to a home and make the space look high end and luxurious. A chance to showcase your style. 

    tiled white splash back in Bendigo kitchen

    Renovation Tiler

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    Tile Repairs and Removals

    Tile repair serives: 

    If you have a tile that is loose or chipped, you may be able to get it repaired without a big project being underway. Sometimes tiles can just be re adhered using the right materials. 

    Often times we ask our customers if they have spare tiles that we can use to replace damaged tiles. This is because some times are very hard to match., it’s always a good idea to keep a spare or two around for times like these. 

    Tile Replacement: 

    Our tiling services include tile replacement of damaged tiles. If there is a compromise to the waterproofing or there is an issue with drainage due to incorrect screeding, the issue will need to be addressed rather than simply replace a loose tile. 

    Tile Resurfacing

    Do you have tiles that are structurally intact and just need a little facelift to get them looking modern and rejuvinated? Tile resurfacing may be all that is required to rejuvinate them. 

    Tiles that can be resurfaced include: marble, granite, some stone varieties, terrazo tiles, and a few others. Please enquire about tile resurfacing to see if we can help you achieve your desired look for less.


    Waterproofing is an essential step in making your tiles area durable and your wet area watertight. 

    There are strict guidelines for waterproofing requirements for residential and commerical properties and it is vital that no corners are cut in the waterproofing stage to ensure your investment into your renovation will last! 


    Screeding refers to the  slopes and fall of an area that enable water to flow to their optimum drainage point, rather than pooling in an area. 

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    Why Choose Us

    Quality workmanship with a focus on durability and precision.

    Tiling needs to be done with skill and quality materials in order to last, especially when a wet area is involved.

    Precision in materials, sizing, screeding, and every step of the way will be the difference between tiles that look great for a short time and tiling that looks great AND is built to last.

    Our team of tilers is carefully chosen to make sure that our reputation and name continues to grow for all the best reasons.

    Entrust your tiling to reliable, experienced tilers that will work really hard to get you the best outcome that we can.

    We service our beautiful Central Coast including Gosford, Terrigal, The Entrance and many more places. 

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